Live Wire Concerts

Live Wire performed 43 concerts worldwide. You can sort the list by city, concert venue, or date.

Location Venue Date Sort ascending
Montpelier, France Palais des Sports 1984-6-18
Strasbourg, France Halle Tivoli 1981-6-20
London, England Venue 1981-4-24
Le Mans, France La Rotonde 1981-6-9
Nantes, France La Beaujoire 1981-6-10
Rennes, France Salle Omnisport 1981-6-11
Dijon, France Palais des Sports 1981-6-12
Metz, France Park des Expositions 1981-6-13
Bordeaux, France Palais des Sports 1981-6-15
Paris, France Palais des Sports 1981-6-16
Lyon, France Palais d'Hiver 1981-6-17
Grenoble, France Alpexpo 1981-6-19
Frankfurt, Germany Sinkkasten 1980-1-12
Hanover, Germany Rotation 1980-10-21
Hamburg, Germany Markthalle 1980-10-19
Weibenohe, Germany To Act Club 1980-10-17
Milan, Italy Odissea 2001 1980-10-13
Montreal, Canada Le Club 1980-9-5
Ottawa, Canada 1980-8-30
Ottawa, Canada 1980-8-29
Ottawa, Canada 1980-8-28
London, England Venue 1980-7-25
London, England Rainbow Theatre 1979-9-14
London, England Hope and Anchor 1979-9-1
Portsmouth, England Guildhall 1979-9-3
Leicester, England De Monfort Hall 1979-9-4
Wolverhampton, England Civic Hall 1979-9-5
Oxford, England New Theatre 1979-9-6
Sheffield, England City Hall 1979-9-7
Manchester, England Apollo Theatre 1979-9-10
Sheffield, England City Football Ground 1979-9-10
Edinburgh, Scotland Usher Hall 1979-9-11
Liverpool, England Empire 1979-9-13
London, England Music Machine 1979-7-7
Bristol, England Colston Hall 1979-9-16
Brighton, England Brighton Dome 1979-9-17
Brighton, England Dome 1979-9-18
Ipswich, England Gaumont 1979-9-19
Newcastle, England City Hall 1979-9-20
Birmingham, England Odeon 1979-9-21
Paris, France Le Bataclan 1979-9-27
Paris, France Theatre de l’Empire 1979-10-19
Denver, CO Rainbow Music Hall 1979-12-2