Michel Colombier

"Here's a man who has broad and deep roots: Paris Conservatory trained, with a background in appreciating, everything from Bach to Lennon-McCartney. He's taken all these tools and brought everything up to date,"Herb Alpert told Leonard Feather.

Signed with A&M Records in November 1970.

Wings began as a suggestion by Herb Alpert. Alpert said, "It all began when [Petula Clark] sang on one of my TV specials. He did some writing for strings and woodwinds that appealed to me. I asked him whether he'd like to try an ambitious work someday, using a jazz-ensemble, full symphony orchestra and soloists. "Alpert continued, "When I first heard what Michel had written [for Wings], I was on his melodic frequency immediately; but he was then working with a lyricist in Paris who was a little too esoteric. I recommended Paul [Williams], who had to do it the hard way, fitting words to pre-determined melodies."

Two of the working titles for the symphony Wings were "Freedom and Fear" and "Porquoi Pas?" that were two songs within the symphony.

Wings New Music On A&M Records

  1. 'Wings' Colombier's Chef D'Oeuvre? Leonard Feather. Los Angeles Times, May 9, 1971.
Recording Years / Label
1971-1973 -  A&M Records

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