Fly Like An Eagle - Neville Brothers

Stock Number
75021 2401
A&M Records
United States
Released: 1992-5 -12
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Fly Like an Eagle (12" Remix) 00:04:50
2 Fly Like an Eagle (Instrumental) 00:04:03
3 Fly Like an Eagle (LP Versioin) 00:04:46
4 Fly Like an Eagle (Slippin' Dub) 00:06:13
5 Fly Like an Eagle (Into the Future Dub) 00:06:14
6 Fly Like an Eagle (Bass Like an Eagle Dub) 00:05:15
Credit Sort descending Role
Brian Gardner mastering
Brian Gardner mix
Dave Darlington engineer
Dave Darlington mix engineer
David Leonard producer
David Wolinski producer
Hank Wolinski producer
Kenny Gonzalez producer
Kenny Gonzalez remix
Louie Vega producer
Louie Vega remix
Luis Vega remix
Masters At Work remix
Neville Brothers producer
Steve Miller
Steve Miller guitar
Steve Miller vocal

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