Yellow Moon - Neville Brothers

Stock Number
602498 590713
A&M Records
United States
Released: 2006-6 -2
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Yellow Moon 00:00:05
2 Yellow Moon 00:00:11
3 Yellow Moon 00:00:11
4 Yellow Moon 00:00:19
5 Yellow Moon 00:00:30
6 Yellow Moon 00:00:45
7 Yellow Moon 00:01:00
8 Yellow Moon 00:01:30
9 Yellow Moon 00:02:00
Credit Sort descending Role
Aaron Neville drums
Aaron Neville percussion
Aaron Neville vocal
Aashid Himmons keyboards
Art Neville keyboards
Art Neville vocal
Brian Eno keyboards
Brian Eno vocal
Brian Stoltz guitar
Charles Brady engineer
Charles Neville background vocal
Charles Neville percussion
Charles Neville sax
Christine Alicino photography
Cyril Neville keyboards
Cyril Neville percussion
Cyril Neville vocal
Daniel Lanois background vocal
Daniel Lanois guitar
Daniel Lanois mix
Daniel Lanois producer
Dirty Dozen Brass Band horns
Eric Kolb engineer
George Horn mastering
Jeff Gold art direction
Kenyatta Simon percussion
Kufaru Mouton percussion
Malcolm Burn background vocal
Malcolm Burn engineer
Malcolm Burn guitar
Malcolm Burn mix
Mark Howard assistant producer
Mark Howard engineer
Mark Howard second engineer
Mary Maurer design
Terry Manual keyboards
Tony Fitzpatrick painting
Tony Hall bass
Willie Green drums

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