Raffi’s Christmas Album - Raffi

Stock Number
SL 0226
Shoreline Records
United States
vinyl album, cassette album.
Credit Sort descending Role
Ben Stein vocal
Bucky Berger bells
Bucky Berger drums
Caitlin Hanford vocal
Cathy Ambrose piano
Chad Irschick engineer
Charles Dallenbach tuba
Chris Whiteley guitar
Chris Whiteley harmonica
David Wall vocal
Dennis bass
Eric Robertson arranger
Eugene Watts trombone
Fred Mills trumpet
Graeme Page french horn
Graham Townsend fiddle
Ken Whiteley accordion
Ken Whiteley autoharp
Ken Whiteley banjo
Ken Whiteley glockenspiel
Ken Whiteley guitar
Ken Whiteley lap steel guitar
Ken Whiteley mandolin
Ken Whiteley piano
Ken Whiteley producer
Ken Whiteley tambourine
Ken Whiteley vocal
Moe Koffman flute
Mose Scarlett vocal
Patrick Godfrey piano
Raffi arranger
Raffi guitar
Raffi producer
Raffi vocal
Ronald Romm flugelhorn
Ronald Romm trumpet
Scott Thornley cover art
Scott Thornley design
Shin Sugino photography
Tom Szczesniak accordion

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