Rick WakeMan's Criminal Record - Rick Wakeman

Stock Number
AMLK 64660
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1977
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Statue Of Justice 00:06:24
2 Crime Of Passion 00:05:52
3 Chamber Of Horrors 00:06:42
4 Birdman Of Alcatraz 00:04:16
5 Breathalyser 00:03:53
6 Judas Iscariot 00:12:19
Credit Sort descending Role
Alan White drums
Andre Borboen tenor vocal
Anne Catherine Noinat soprano vocal
Anne Claude alto vocal
Annette Fonjallaz soprano vocal
Ars Laeta of Lausanne choir
Bernard Dutuy tenor vocal
Bill Oddie vocal
Charles Moinat tenor vocal
Chris Squire bass
Christiane Durel alto vocal
Christine Frehholz alto vocal
Christine Riesen soprano vocal
Chuck Beeson design
Claire-Lisa Valet soprano vocal
Claude Alain Morasini bass vocal
Claude Alian Von Buren tenor vocal
Claudine Corbaz soprano vocal
Claudine Mange soprano vocal
Daniel Borgeaud tenor vocal
Daniele Meystre soprano vocal
Dave Richards assistant engineer
Dave Richards mix assistant
Eliane Henchoz soprano vocal
Elisabeth Pahud alto vocal
Francoise Cardinaux soprano vocal
Francoise Cottet soprano vocal
Francoise Emery tenor vocal
Francoise Wannaz alto vocal
Frank Ricotti percussion
George Caille bass vocal
Janine Isaaz alto vocal
Janine Pradervand alto vocal
Jean Maurice Juvet tenor vocal
Jean-Michel Faves bass vocal
Jim McCrary photography
John Timperley engineer
John Timperley mix
Josianne Henn alto vocal
Lilane de Berville alto vocal
Lise Dutray soprano vocal
Marlyse Berney alto vocal
Marlyse Paschoud soprano vocal
Mary Lise Perey alto vocal
Nicole Metraus alto vocal
Pierre Alain Favez bass vocal
Pierre Humbert alto vocal
Pierre Tharin bass vocal
Raphael Bugnon tenor vocal
Reme Monacho tenor vocal
Rick Wakeman arranger
Rick Wakeman clavinet
Rick Wakeman harpsichord
Rick Wakeman keyboards
Rick Wakeman mini Moog
Rick Wakeman organ
Rick Wakeman piano
Rick Wakeman pipe organ
Rick Wakeman producer
Robert Mernoud conductor
Roland Demiville bass vocal
Roland Young art direction
Samuel Chetrit bass vocal
Sean Davies mastering
Sylviane Savez soprano vocal
Yves Lamberey bass vocal

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