Arias & Symphonies - Spoons

Stock Number
SP 4920
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1983
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Trade Winds 00:02:15
2 Smiling in Winter 00:04:06
3 One in Ten Words 00:04:10
4 No Electrons 00:05:12
5 No More Growing Up 00:03:26
6 Arias & Symphonies 00:04:48
7 Nova Heart 00:05:47
8 South American Vacation 00:04:12
9 A Girl in Two Pieces 00:04:28
10 Walk the Plank 00:04:27
11 Blow Away 00:05:58
Credit Sort descending Role
Carey Gurden assistant engineer
Derrick Ross drums
Derrick Ross percussion
Gordon Deppe artwork
Gordon Deppe guitar
Gordon Deppe vocal
John Punter mix
John Punter producer
M. P. Krawczynski artwork
M. P. Krawczynski design
Mike Jones engineer
P. L. Noble artwork
P. L. Noble photography
Rob Preuss keyboards
Robert DiGioia assistant engineer
Sandy Horne bass
Sandy Horne vocal

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