The Edge Of the Century - Styx

Stock Number
UICY 77892
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 2016-10 -26
Recording Notes
Limited edition SM-CD
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Love Is the Ritual 00:03:48
2 Show Me the Way 00:04:35
3 Edge Of the Century 00:04:20
4 Love At First Sight 00:04:35
5 All In a Day's Work 00:04:11
6 Not Dead Yet 00:03:32
7 World Tonite 00:03:38
8 Carrie Ann 00:04:26
9 Homewrecker 00:05:12
10 Back to Chicago 00:04:18
Credit Sort descending Role
Chuck Panozzo bass
Dan Barber trumpet
Dennis DeYoung keyboards
Dennis DeYoung mix
Dennis DeYoung producer
Dennis DeYoung vocal
Gary Fry programming
Glen Burtnick guitar
Glen Burtnick vocal
Howard Levy harmonica
Hugh Syme art direction
Hugh Syme design
James Young guitar
James Young vocal
Jo Pusateri percussion
John Negus clarinet
John Negus horn arrangement
John Negus sax
John Panozzo drums
John Panozzo percussion
Marc Hauser photography
Mark Ohlsen trumpet
Max Bialystock horn arrangement
Michael Smith sax
Mike Halpin trombone
Phil Bonanno engineer
Phil Bonanno mix
Ron Kolber baritone sax
Salvatore Giglio engineer
Salvatore Giglio sequencing
Ted Jensen mastering

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