Solitude Standing - Suzanne Vega

Stock Number
602557 279931
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album.
Released: 2017-5 -26
Recording Notes
Deleted 1/20/2021
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Tom's Diner 00:02:06
2 Luka 00:03:51
3 Iron Bound/Fancy Poultry 00:06:17
4 In the Eye 00:04:12
5 Night Vision 00:02:45
6 Solitude Standing 00:04:48
7 Calypso 00:04:12
8 Language 00:03:54
9 Gypsy 00:04:01
10 Wooden Horse (Casper Hauser's Song) 00:05:09
11 Tom's Diner 00:02:33
Credit Sort descending Role
Anton Sanko guitar
Anton Sanko synthesizer
Arthur Zarate assistant engineer
CP Roth synthesizer
Dan Nash assistant engineer
Eric Thorngren arranger
Eric Thorngren engineer
Eric Thorngren mix
Eric Thorngren producer
Frank Christian guitar
Frank Gravis bass
Geoff Keehn assistant engineer
George Cowan assistant engineer
Glenn Tilbrook producer
Jeff Gold art direction
Jeff Lippay assistant engineer
Joe Martin assistant engineer
Jon Gordon arranger
Jon Gordon guitar
Lenny Kaye producer
Marc DeSisto assistant engineer
Marc Shulman guitar
Mark McKenna assistant engineer
Matthew Vega photography
Melanie Nissen art direction
Melanie Nissen design
Michael Visceglia bass
Michael Visceglia synthesizer
Mitch Easter co-producer
Mitch Easter guitar
Paula Bullwinkel photography
Peter Wood arranger
Richard Croft photography
Rod O’Brien engineer
Ronald Fierstein executive producer
Ronald Fierstein producer
Shawn Colvin background vocal
Shelly Yakus mix
Squeeze arranger
Stephen Ferrera drums
Stephen Ferrera percussion
Stephen Marcussen mastering
Steve Addabbo engineer
Steve Addabbo guitar
Steve Addabbo producer
Steven Miller producer
Sue Evans drums
Sue Evans percussion
Suzanne Vega guitar
Suzanne Vega vocal

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