Suzanne Vega
 -  Retrospective: the Videos

Stock Number
602498 805961
A&M Records
United States
Released: 2005-7 -26
Track Track Title
1 Marlene On The Wall
2 Left Of Center
3 Luka
4 Solitude Standing
5 Book Of Dreams
6 Men In A War
7 Tired Of Sleeping
8 Tom's Diner
9 Blood Makes Noise
10 In Liverpool
11 99.9F°
12 When Heroes Go Down
13 Caramel
14 No Cheap Thrill
15 Book And A Cover
16 Last Year's Troubles
17 Caramel (Alternate Version)
18 Promotional Film For The Album 'Days Of Open Hand'
19 Promotional Spot For The Album '99.9F°'
20 Promotional Spot For The Album 'Songs In Red And Gray'

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