New York Connection - Tom Scott

Stock Number
ODE 77033
Ode Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1975
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Dirty Old Man 00:05:20
2 Uptown & Country 00:06:19
3 New York Connection 00:04:24
4 Garden 00:05:36
5 Time and Love 00:04:33
6 Midtown Rush 00:04:47
7 Looking Out For Number 7 00:04:34
8 Appolonia (Fortrata) 00:03:59
9 You're Gonna Need Me 00:04:41
Credit Sort descending Role
Bob James piano
Chuck Beeson design
Chuck Findley trumpet
Dick Hyde trombone
Eric Gale bass
Eric Gale guitar
Gary King bass
George Harrison slide guitar
Hank Cicalo engineer
Hank Cicalo producer
Hugh McCracken guitar
Hugh McCracken slide guitar
Jim McCrary photography
Kevin Herron assistant engineer
Milt Calice assistant engineer
Ralph MacDonald percussion
Richard Tee keyboards
Steve Gadd drums
Tom Scott arranger
Tom Scott baritone sax
Tom Scott flute
Tom Scott lyricon
Tom Scott producer
Tom Scott soprano sax
Tom Scott synthesizer
Tom Scott tenor sax
Tom Scott woodwind

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