What Do You Want From Live? - Tubes

Stock Number
L 35892
A&M Records
New Zealand
vinyl album.
Released: 1978
Credit Sort descending Role
Bob Bullock assistant engineer
Bud Scoppa album coordination
Chuck Beeson album art
E. Beers photography
Fee Waybill lead vocal
Jeff Ayeroff album art
Max Norman mix
Michael Cotten album art
Michael Cotten synthesizer
Mingo Lewis drums
Mingo Lewis percussion
Mingo Lewis vocal
Peter Henderson producer
Peter Stupar photography
Prairie Prince (Charles Prince, Jr.) drums
Rick Anderson bass
Rick Anderson vocal
Rikki Farr mastering
Rikki Farr mix
Rikki Farr producer
Roger Steen guitar
Roger Steen vocal
Sputnik Spooner guitar
Sputnik Spooner vocal
Steve Emberton photography
Vince Welnick keyboards
Vince Welnick vocal

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