Transit - Veronique Beliveau

Stock Number
SP 9097
A&M Records Canada
vinyl album.
Released: 1987
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Clin D'oeil  00:03:27
2 Please (Dis-moi C'que Tu As) 00:04:10
3 Je Suis Fidèle  00:03:29
4 Ah! Qu't'es Doux 00:03:43
5 Hey Hey Hey 00:02:46
6 That Boy 00:03:27
7 En Transit 00:02:57
8 Nuit D'août 00:04:06
9 C'est Un Rêveur 00:03:22
10 Sensuel 00:03:26
Credit Sort descending Role
David Andoff design
Eric Roberts drums
Eric Roberts percussion
Harold Fisher bass
Harry Hinde producer
Kathleen Dyson-Oliver guitar
Marc Drolet photography
Orvie Thompson sax
Warren Williams keyboards

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