Dave Brubeck Quartet

"The old material is what the people wanted to hear and what we wanted to play," Paul Desmond told Billboard. The quartet disbanded in 1968 and had not worked together until the Horizon Records album. The record commemorated the group's 25th anniversary.

25th Anniversary Reunion New Music On A&M Records

  1. Desmond & His Alto Come Out Roaring. Eliot Tiegel. Billboard, October 9, 1976.
Recording Years / Label
1977 -  Horizon Records
1982-1986 -  Concord Jazz
1984-1987 -  Original Jazz Classics
Name Member Years Instruments
Dave Brubeck acoustic piano
Eugene Wright acoustic bass
Joe Morello drums
Paul Desmond alto saxophone
Chris Brubeck 1987 bass, trombone
Jerry Bergonzi bass, tenor sax
Butch Miles drums
William O. Smith 1987 clarinet
Randy Jones 1987 drums1
Ron Crotty 198612 bass
Lloyd Davis drums
Joe Dodge 1983 drums
Fred Dutton 1983 bass
Herb Barman 1983 drums
Name Birth Death
Dave Brubeck 1920-12-06 2012-12-05
Eugene Wright 1923-05-29 2020-12-30
Joe Morello 1928-07-17 2011-03-12
Paul Desmond 1924-11-25 1977-05-30
Chris Brubeck 1952-03-19
Jerry Bergonzi 1947-10-21
Butch Miles 1944-07-04
William O. Smith 1926-09-22 2020-02-29
Randy Jones 1944-01-23 2016-06-23
Ron Crotty 1929-12-31 2015-05-07
Lloyd Davis
Joe Dodge 1922-02-09 2004-08-18
Fred Dutton
Herb Barman

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