Special Kind Of Love - Dina Carroll

Stock Number
602547 295798
A&M Records
United States
Released: 2016-6 -24
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Special Kind Of Love 00:07:25
2 Express 00:03:36
3 Ain't No Man 00:07:59
Credit Sort descending Role
Bill Klatt remix
Brothers In Rhythm producer
Brothers In Rhythm remix
CJ Mackintosh remix
David Cole arranger
David Cole mix
David Cole producer
David Cole remix
Davide Ruberto producer
Davide Ruberto remix
Davie Cole arranger
Davie Cole mix
Davie Cole producer
Davie Cole remix
Dina Carroll vocal
Eddie Gordon remix
Gio Brembilla producer
Gio Brembilla remix
Hex Hector additional production
Hex Hector producer
Mark Lewis producer
Mark Lewis remix
Nigel Lowis additional production
Nigel Lowis producer
Nigel Lowis remix
Ricky Crespo additional production
Ricky Crespo producer
Robert Clivilles arranger
Robert Clivilles mix
Robert Clivilles producer
Robert Clivilles remix
Todd Terry remix

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