Herb Alpert

In 1968 "This Guy's in Love with You" was ranked the #14 Top Single of the year in Australia.

Herb Alpert is the only artist to have both a #1 vocal and a #1 instrumental hit single.

The album Keep Your Eye on Me had the working title of another song on the album "Hot Shot."

British DJs, used to playing 12-inch singles at 45 rpm, didn't notice Herb Alpert's "Rise" was 33.3 rpm. The song became a hit in Britain at the faster pace.

The first A&M album to carry a UPC code was Herb Alpert's Beyond in 1980.

In July 1985, Alpert became the first guest host on VH-1.

Herb Alpert performed the U.S. National Anthem at the Super Bowl in 1989.

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Recording Years / Label
1962-1992 -  A&M Records
1981-1983 -  AyM Discos
1996-1999 -  Almo Sounds
trumpet, vocals, keyboards

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