State Farm

Stock Number
SP 4332
SP 4563--SP 4564
A&M Records
United States
vinyl album.
Released: 1972
Track Track Title Track Time
1 Ten Degrees and Getting Colder 12:02:14 AM
2 Prison Trilogy (Billy Rose) 12:04:30 AM
3 Lay It Down 12:03:33 AM
4 Como Tu 12:03:27 AM
5 Hello In There 12:02:58 AM
6 Miner's Life 12:03:34 AM
7 Ballad Of Honest Sam 12:03:36 AM
8 It's a Long Way to Nashville 12:03:07 AM
9 The Sad Gypsy 12:03:50 AM
10 Leave It There 12:03:39 AM
Personnel Role
Bobby Thompson guitar
Charlie McCoy harmonica
Charlie McCoy organ
Charlie McCoy guitar
Chuck Beeson design
David Briggs piano
David Harris painting
Gene Eichelberger engineer
Grady Martin guitar
Herman Wade guitar