Death to Traitors - Paw

Stock Number
731454 037020
A&M Records
United States
Released: 2012-10 -22
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 No Such Luck 00:04:25
2 Seasoned Glove 00:03:58
3 Hope I Die Tonight 00:04:48
4 Swollen 00:03:02
5 Last One 00:03:49
6 Death To Traitors 00:04:45
7 Built Low 00:05:52
8 Glue Mouth Kid 00:03:29
9 Texas 00:03:29
10 Max the Silent 00:03:52
11 Sweet Sally Brown 00:05:50
12 Badger 00:04:28
13 Peach 00:02:28
14 Sunflower 00:04:02
Credit Sort descending Role
Adam Jahiel photography
Clif Norrell engineer
Clif Norrell mix
Clif Norrell producer
Dennis Keeley photography
Eddie Miller mix assistant
Grant Fitch bass
Grant Fitch guitar
Grant Fitch lap steel guitar
Grant Fitch vocal
John Licardello bass
Mackie Osborne art direction
Mackie Osborne design
Mark Hennessy vocal
Mark Nater assistant engineer
Michael Light photography
Paul Boblett bass
Paw mix
Paw producer
Peter Fitch drums
Peter Fitch percussion
Phil Lauro photography
Stephen Marcussen mastering

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