U.F.O. - Ron Davies

Stock Number
AMP 2011
A&M Records
vinyl album.
Released: 1979
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 I Wonder 00:03:38
2 Long Hard Climb 00:03:10
3 Flapjack 00:03:19
4 Misty Roses 00:02:52
5 It's a Lie 00:03:49
6 Can I Count on You 00:03:23
7 It Ain't Easy 00:04:16
8 Lay Down Your Burden 00:03:02
9 Shadows 00:05:32
Credit Sort descending Role
Andy Newmark drums
Billy Preston organ
Carolyne Cook background vocal
Chuck Beeson design
Clarence McDonald clavinet
Clarence McDonald piano
Claudia Lennear background vocal
D. J. Rogers background vocal
D. J. Rogers vocal director
David Spinozza guitar
David Spinozza string and horn arrangement
Don Menza horns
Frank DeLuna mastering
Harry Edison horns
Jack Nimitz horns
Jerome Richardson horns
Jim McCrary photography
Jules Chaikin horns
Linda Tyler assistant engineer
Maxayn Lewis background vocal
Milt Calice assistant engineer
Milt Holland percussion
Roland Young art direction
Ron Davies guitar
Ron Davies harmonica
Ron Davies producer
Ron Davies slide guitar
Ron Davies vocal
Tommy Vicari engineer
Tommy Vicari producer
Wilton Felder bass

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