-  Caught In the Act--Live

Stock Number
602517 373112
A&M Records
United States
Released: 2007-12 -11
Track Track Title
1 Kilroy Was Here (Short Film)
2 Mr. Roboto
3 Rockin' the Paradise
4 Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)
5 Snowblind
6 Too Much Time On My Hands
7 Don't Let It End
8 Heavy Metal Poisoning
9 Cold War
10 The Best Of Times
11 Come Sail Away
12 Renegade
13 Haven't We Been Here Before?
14 Don't Let It End (Reprise)
15 Come Sail Away (1977 Promo Video)
16 Borrowed Time (1979 Promo Video)
17 Babe (1979 Promo Video)
18 Boat On A River (1979 Promo Video)
19 A.D.1928/Rockin' The Paradise (Music Video)
20 The Best Of Times (Music Video)
21 Too Much Time On My Hands (Music Video)
22 Mr. Roboto (Music Video)
23 Don't Let It End (Music Video)
24 Heavy Metal Poisoning (Music Video)
25 Haven't We Been Here Before (Music Video)
26 Music Time (Music Video)

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