Bonk - Big Pig

Stock Number
CDA 5185
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 1988-5 -19
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Iron Lung 00:03:33
2 Hungry Town 00:03:04
3 Tin Drum 00:04:22
4 I Can't Break Away 00:03:36
5 Boy Wonder 00:04:15
6 Big Hotel 00:03:26
7 Nation 00:03:32
8 Charlie 00:04:04
9 Fine Thing 00:03:20
10 Money God 00:04:27
11 Devil's Song 00:05:26
Credit Sort descending Role
Adrian Scaglione drums
Arnie Acosta mastering
Como String Quartet strings
Eric Watson photography
Heidi Cannova assistant engineer
Jeremy Pearce art direction
Michael Wickow assistant engineer
Michael Wickow mix assistant
Neil Baker drums
Nick Disbray lead vocal
Nick Disbray percussion
Nick Launay engineer
Nick Launay mix
Nick Launay producer
Noel Harris assistant engineer
Noel Harris mix assistant
Olen Witer art direction
Olen Witer drums
Olen Witer lead vocal
Sherine lead vocal
Sherine percussion
Tim Rosewarbe keyboards
Tim Rosewarbe lead vocal
Tony Antoniades harmonica
Tony Antoniades lead vocal

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