Ghost Writer - Garland Jeffreys

Stock Number
SP 69864
A&M Records
vinyl album, cassette album.
Recording Notes
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Rough and Ready 00:02:57
2 I May Not Be Your Kind 00:03:46
3 New York Skyline 00:03:29
4 Cool Down Boy 00:04:04
5 Ghost Writer 00:05:39
6 Lift Me Up 00:03:28
7 Who-O 00:03:38
8 Wild In the Streets 00:02:59
9 35 Millimeter Dreams 00:03:12
10 Spanish Town 00:07:43
Credit Sort descending Role
Al Cohn tenor sax
Alan Freedman guitar
Anthony Jackson bass
Arnold McCuller vocal
Bernie Grundman mastering
Burt Collins trumpet
Carole Langer art direction
Carole Langer design
Charlie Shays horn arrangement
Christine Martin coordination
Danny Cahn trumpet
David Lasley vocal
David Peel background vocal
David Sanborn soprano sax
David Spinozza guitar
David Spinozza producer
David Spinozza slide guitar
David Spinozza string and horn arrangement
David Spinozza vocal
Don Grolnick clavinet
Dr. John arranger
Dr. John clavinet
Duane Michaels photography
Earl Lindo
Garland Jeffreys arranger
Garland Jeffreys guitar
Garland Jeffreys producer
Garland Jeffreys vocal
Hugh McCracken guitar
James Taylor vocal
John Boudreaux drums
Johnny Ace bass
Leon Pendarvis clavinet
Lew Hahn engineer
Lew Hahn mix
Lynne Pitney vocal
Manny Gonzalez photography
Michael Brecker tenor sax
Phil Messina trombone
Randy Brecker trumpet
Randy Mason assistant engineer
Rick Marotta drums
Roy Cicala producer
Rubens Bassini percussion
Steve Gadd drums
Steve Gadd percussion
Theodore Jones guitar
Winston Grennan

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