Body and Soul - Joe Jackson

Stock Number
CDA 65000
A&M Records
CD album.
Released: 1984-7 -10
Recording Notes
Audio Master Plus (AM+) Series
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 The Verdict 00:05:31
2 Cha Cha Loco 00:04:47
3 Not Here, Not Now 00:05:27
4 You Can't Get What You Want 00:04:50
5 Go For It 00:04:18
6 Loisaida 00:05:33
7 Happy Ending 00:03:39
8 Be My Number Two 00:04:18
9 Heart Of Ice 00:06:53
Credit Sort descending Role
Charles Reilly photography
Dan Nash mix assistant
David Kershenbaum producer
Ed Roynesdal keyboards
Ed Roynesdal violin
Elaine Caswell vocal
Ellen Foley vocal
Frank Dickinson, Jr. technician
Gary Burke drums
Graham Maby bass
Jeremy Darby production coordination
Joe Jackson arranger
Joe Jackson piano
Joe Jackson producer
Joe Jackson sax
Joe Jackson vocal
Michael Morreale flugelhorn
Michael Morreale trumpet
Quantum layout
Rik Pekkonen engineer
Tony Aiello flute
Tony Aiello sax
Vinnie Zummo guitar

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