Michael Damian TV Show Appearances

Michael Damian guest appearances on television programs around the world. Following is a list of the shows with 13 results. You can sort by the name of the show and the date.
TV Show Date Sort ascending Notes
Chuck Woolery Show 1991-10-4
Dionne & Friends 1990-2-5
Dionne & Friends 1990-2 Heartbreak Monday
Marsha Warfield Show 1990-4-5
America's Top 10 1990-6-3
Into the Night 1990-7-20
Joan Rivers Show 1990-9-10
MMC 1990-10-15 Heartbreak Monday
Arsenio Hall Show 1989-6-8
Pat Sajak Show 1989-7-20 Rock On/Interview/Cover of Love
American Bandstand 1989-8-26 Rock On/Cover of Love
Pat Sajak Show 1989-11-1
New Year's Rockin' Eve 1989-12-31