Seamless - Nylons

Stock Number
Open Air Records
CD album.
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Oo Wee, Oh Me, Oh My 00:03:23
2 Take Me to Your Heart 00:03:30
3 Remember (Walking in the Sand) 00:02:56
4 This Boy 00:02:57
5 Stepping Stone 00:03:08
6 Combat Zone 00:03:40
7 Perpetual Emotion 00:03:37
8 Samba Samba 00:04:00
9 The Stars Are Ours 00:03:28
Credit Sort descending Role
Arnold Robinson percussion
Arnold Robinson vocal
Barry Keane percussion
Claude Morrison vocal
Dean Motter art direction
Dean Motter design
Deborah Samuel photography
Jeff Jackson assemblage
Lorne Grossman timpani
Marc Connors vocal
Mike Jones engineer
Mike Jones producer
Nylons producer
Paul Cooper vocal
Peter Mann arranger
Peter Mann producer
Scott Boyling assistant engineer
Wayne Thompson executive producer

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