Nothing to Fear - Oingo Boingo

Stock Number
602435 846965
96kHz/24bit HD audio
A&M Records
United States
Released: 2021-2 -26
Recording Notes
Credit Sort descending Role
Artrouble art direction
Dale Turner trombone
Dale Turner trumpet
Danny Elfman guitar
Danny Elfman vocal
Georganne Deen cover art
Greg Fulginiti mastering
Joe Chiccarelli engineer
Joe Chiccarelli producer
Johnny Hernandez drums
Jules Bates art direction
Kerry Hatch bass
Kerry Hatch vocal
Krohn McHenry second engineer
Leon Schneiderman alto ssax
Leon Schneiderman baritone sax
Mitch Gibson second engineer
Oingo Boingo producer
Richard Gibbs keyboards
Richard Gibbs synthesizer
Richard Gibbs vocal
Sam Phipps soprano sax
Sam Phipps tenor sax
Steve Bartek guitar
Steve Bartek horn arrangement
Steve Bartek vocal

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