One Light, One Sun - Raffi

Stock Number
SL 0228
Shoreline Records
United States
vinyl album, cassette album.
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Time to Sing 00:01:44
2 Apples and Bananas 00:01:37
3 Take Me Out to the Ballgame 00:02:03
4 Octopus's Garden 00:02:55
5 Fais Dodo 00:01:26
6 In My Garden 00:01:45
7 Riding In An Airplane 00:02:53
8 Like Me and You 00:02:38
9 Down on Grandpa's Farm 00:02:38
10 The Bowling Song 00:02:03
11 Tingalayo 00:02:58
12 Somewhere in the World 00:01:37
13 Walk Outside 00:02:01
14 De Colores 00:02:33
15 Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star 00:01:08
16 One Light, One Sun 00:02:05
Credit Sort descending Role
Bill Beecroft trombone
Bobby Singh vocal
Brian Leonard percussion
Brian Leonard vibraphone
Bucky Berger drums
Cathy Ambrose choir director
Chris Whiteley harmonica
Chris Whiteley trumpet
Claudia Martin vocal
David Piltch bass
Dennis Pendrith bass
Earl LaPierre steel drum
Eric Robertson arranger
Eric Robertson synthesizer
Erica Goodman harp
Eugene Fernandes illustration
Fred Rizner french horn
Fujiko Imajishi violin
John Arpin piano
Ken Whiteley arranger
Ken Whiteley banjo
Ken Whiteley celeste
Ken Whiteley guitar
Ken Whiteley mandolin
Ken Whiteley organ
Ken Whiteley piano
Ken Whiteley producer
Ken Whiteley synthesizer
Ken Whiteley ukelele
Ken Whiteley vocal
Kent Teeple viola
Latessa Johnson vocal
Lenny Solomon fiddle
Leslie Knowles violin
Matt Zimbel percussion
Moshe Hammer violin
Paul Meyer violin
Peter Mann engineer
Peter Schenkman cello
Raffi arranger
Raffi guitar
Raffi producer
Raffi vocal
Ron Dann pedal steel guitar
Scott Irvine tuba
Soad Louisani vocal
Stephen Smith vocal
Wycliffe Smith art direction

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