China Crisis Concerts

China Crisis performed 40 concerts worldwide. You can sort the list by city, concert venue, or date.

Location Venue Date Sort ascending
London, England Dominion Theatre 1989-6-2
Sheffield, England University of Sheffield 1989-5-20
Manchester, England Ritz 1989-5-21
Glasgow, Scotland Pavilion Theatre 1989-5-22
Edinburgh, Scotland Queens Hall 1989-5-23
Newcastle, England Polytechnic 1989-5-25
Leicester, England Polytechnic Arena 1989-5-26
Norwich, England LCR, UEA 1989-5-27
Birmingham, England Alexandria Theatre 1989-5-29
Liverpool, England Empire Theatre 1989-5-30
Nottingham, England Rock City 1989-5-31
New York, NY Ritz 1987-5-8
Leysin, Switzerland 1987-7-12
Montreux, Switzerland 1987-7-10
Stockholm, Sweden Stadion 1987-6-13
Berlin, Germany Reichstag Gelande 1987-6-8
Nuremberg, Germany 1987-6-7
Montreal, Canada Club Soda 1987-5-17
Lido Beach, NY Malibu Night Club 1987-5-14
Providence, RI Living Room 1987-5-12
New York, NY Ritz 1987-5-7
Newcastle, England Polytechnic 1987-2-6
Carlisle, England Sands Centre 1987-2-7
London, England Town and Country Club 1987-2-16
Nottingham, England Rock City 1987-2-24
Norwich, England LCR, UEA 1987-2-26
Carlisle, England Sands Centre 1987-3-4
London, England Royal Court Theatre 1987-3-6
Edinburgh, Scotland Queens Hall 1987-3-7
Redcar, England Coatham Bowl 1987-3-9
Leeds, England University of Leeds 1987-3-11
Croydon, England Fairfield Halls 1987-3-15
London, England HMV Forum 1987-3-16
Berkeley, CA Berkley Square 1987-4-13
San Francisco, CA Wolfgang’s 1987-4-15
Los Angeles, CA Palace Concert Theater 1987-4-17
Kansas City, MO Parody Hall 1987-4-25
St. Louis, MO Mississippi Nights 1987-4-27
London, England Royal Albert Hall 1986-4-26
Verona, Italy 1986-12-10