Hero and Heroine - Strawbs

Stock Number
731454 093521
A&M Records
United States
Released: 2011-4 -12
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Autumn: Heroine's Theme/Deep Summer's Sleep/The Winter Long 00:08:26
2 Sad Young Man 00:04:07
3 Just Love 00:03:40
4 Shine On Silver Sun 00:02:46
5 Hero And Heroine 00:03:20
6 Midnight Sun 00:03:12
7 Out In the Cold 00:03:10
8 Round And Round 00:04:43
9 Lay a Little Light On Me 00:03:27
10 Hero's Theme 00:02:27
11 Still Small Voice 00:02:27
12 Lay a Little Light On Me 00:02:20
Credit Sort descending Role
Chas Cronk bass
Chas Cronk lead vocal
Chas Cronk synthesizer
Dave Cousins guitar
Dave Cousins lead vocal
Dave Cousins producer
Dave Lambert guitar
Dave Lambert lead vocal
Freddy Hansson engineer
John Hawken harpsichord
John Hawken organ
John Hawken piano
John Hawken synthesizer
Michael Doud art direction
Rod Coombes drums
Rod Coombes lead vocal
Rod Coombes percussion
Tom Allom engineer
Tom Allom producer
Tony Evans photography

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