Chronicles - Bryan Adams

Stock Number
602498 817971
A&M Records
United States
CD album, eAlbum.
Released: 2005-6 -21
Recording Notes
3 CD Box Set. Deleted 4/6/2009
Track Sort descending Track Title Track Time
1 Lonely Nights 00:00:00
2 One Good Reason 00:00:00
3 Don't Look Now 00:00:00
4 Coming Home 00:00:00
5 Fits Ya Good 00:00:00
6 Jealousy 00:00:00
7 Tonight 00:00:00
8 You Want It, You Got It 00:00:00
9 Last Chance 00:00:00
10 No One Makes It Right 00:00:00
11 The Only One 00:00:00
12 Take Me Back 00:00:00
13 This Time 00:00:00
14 Straight from the Heart 00:00:00
15 Cuts Like a Knife 00:00:00
16 I'm Ready 00:00:00
17 What's It Gonna Be 00:00:00
18 Don't Leave Me Lonely 00:00:00
19 Let Him Know 00:00:00
20 The Best Was Yet to Come 00:00:00
21 She's Only Happy When She's Dancin' 00:00:00
22 Run to You 00:00:00
23 Heaven 00:00:00
24 Somebody 00:00:00
25 Summer Of '69 00:00:00
26 Kids Wanna Rock 00:00:00
27 It's Only Love 00:00:00
28 Long Gone 00:00:00
29 Ain't Gonna Cry 00:00:00
Credit Sort descending Role
Beanbag hand claps
Bill Kipper mastering
Bob Clearmountain background vocal
Bob Clearmountain engineer
Bob Clearmountain producer
Bob Ludwig mastering
Brian Stanley bass
Bruce Lampcov assistant engineer
Bryan Adams background vocal
Bryan Adams guitar
Bryan Adams hand claps
Bryan Adams harp
Bryan Adams lead vocal
Bryan Adams percussion
Bryan Adams piano
Bryan Adams producer
Bryan Adams vocal
Chuck Beeson art direction
Chuck Beeson design
Cindy Bullens background vocal
Dave Taylor bass
G. E. Smith guitar
Garry Rindfuss assistant engineer
James O’Mara photography
Jamie Glaser guitar
Jim Vallance co-producer
Jim Vallance percussion
Jimmy Maelen percussion
Jody Perpick hand claps
John Eddie background vocal
Jonathan Gerber sax
Keith Scott background vocal
Keith Scott guitar
Keith Scott hand claps
Lou Gramm background vocal
Lynn Goldsmith photography
Melanie Nissen design
Michel Sauvage assistant engineer
Mickey Curry drums
Mike Fraser assistant engineer
Pat Steward background vocal
Pat Steward drums
Paul Northfield technical assistance
Richard Frankel art direction
Rob Sabino keyboards
Robert Ludwig mastering
Steve Smith drums
Tina Turner vocal
Tommy Mandel keyboards
Yasuhiro Wakabayashi photography

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