Maranatha! Singers

Recording Years / Label
1986 -  Word Records
Name Member Years Instruments
Amick Byram vocals
Blanca Vega vocals
Bobbi Ludwick vocals
Cassandra Byram vocals
Diane Carol Brown vocals
Dick Bolka vocals
Frank Sparks vocals
Gail Farrell vocals
Glenn Shoemaker vocals
Kelly Willard vocals
Michele Pillar vocals
Myrna Matthews vocals
Rich Logan vocals
Roby Duke vocals
Sandi Hall vocals
Scott Wojahn vocals
Name Birth Death
Amick Byram
Blanca Vega
Bobbi Ludwick
Cassandra Byram
Diane Carol Brown
Dick Bolka
Frank Sparks
Gail Farrell
Glenn Shoemaker
Kelly Willard
Michele Pillar
Myrna Matthews
Rich Logan
Roby Duke 1956-12-06 2007-12-26
Sandi Hall
Scott Wojahn
Name See associated acts
Roby Duke Roby Duke

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